KISSAN DAIRY MACHINERY Provide the End to End Solution for Dairy Setups, Selection and Purchasing of Animals, Machinery and Equipment installation, Dairy Farm Protocols setups and staff management, Feed and Fodder Management, Silage and Hydrophonic Fodder Production, Veterinary Health, veterinary doctors and labors setups, Shed and Design, construction of Shed, Milking Parlor, Storage, Calf Section and TMR Wagon, Bank Financial Report/Project Report for Dairy Farming. And also provide the awareness, education and training to dairy farmers.

Our solution will address all the problems in cattle rearing from cow procurement till post production process.  Since all the requirement of customers is met at single point acceptance level will be very high.

We offer

  • Making Project Reports for Dairy Farming (Bankable and Financial)
  • Making the Layout Plan and Design for Dairy Farm on the basis of Herd Size
  • Provide Machinery and equipment for Dairy Farm with Installation and Training
  • Selection/ Procurements of Animals like Cows/Buffalo
  • Develop the Protocols like Milking, Feeding, Fodder Production, Veterinary Health and Calf rearing Management.
  • Develop the Dairy Farm inventory/records maintenance
  • Installation and Training of Dairy Farm herd management software
  • Veterinary Staff and Labour Management
  • Documentation of necessary farm operations.
  • Solution for making byproducts from Dung and Urine like Vermicompost, Biogas and Panchgavya
  • Develop the Fodder (Green and Dry) management schedule and Silage Preparation
  • Setups of Milk Processing Plants and their products

Plan for Dairy Processing and Products Marketing