A chaff cutter is a mechanical device for cutting straw or hay into small pieces before being mixed together with other forage and fed to horses and cattle. This aids the animal’s digestion and prevents animals from rejecting any part of their food.

Product Description

Product introduction:

The machine adopts the turrent , flywheel, fan, trinity design,  The cutter is steel welded structure , work steady ,low noise ,Strong and durable , safety and reliable .The cutter is convex shape , work steady, Cutting length uniformity without deviation, This cutter is design of “u” shape . Safety and save power, The cutter can cut different length such as 10mm.16mm, 23mm. 33mm. and the throw distance lengthen out to 10 meters . the machine can be suitable to large and middle cow space , sheep space, and feed process factory , and also suitable to cut pasture , straw, hay, corn straw, and can be used for strew return to field of agricultural high temperature manure

Structure and working principle: It is driven by motor and makes the driving of main shaft by belt.  Under the high-speed rotation with cutter and hammer making the feed become filiform and powder, the feeds will be outflow from the material outlet through sieve.

Operation instruction:

  1. Please carefully understand machine structure and performance before it operation
  2. Please firstly select process material , No metal .no stick ,No stone it’s avoid to damage parts of machine and other faulty

3) If machine makes abnormal noise should stop working immediately .after machine works normally, and then can put materials into it, but the material must be moderate to avoid damage of motor equipment and parts if the machine overload work.

4) When crush the cropper must be close and fix feeds inlet. And fix the collect bag in the bottom of material outlet. Before open the material inlet and must be control the cropper is moderate and avoid to machine overload work. .

5) Please close the material inlet switch when the machine is working, and fix collect bag of material outlet, and put straw or other feed into material inlet properly, otherwise it will make the machine overload work.

6)Please open the small flashboard in the middle of  material inlet if you grind feed , please open the big flashboard of material inlet when grind corn Stover, as the same times , please close flashboard side of machine material inlet and bottom of material outlet . Crushed by blower arrive collect bag

7) Please close the top of material flashboard and although side of material inlet when grind straw or other feeds, if the straw humidity less than 20%, it’s can be blow out by blower. If the straw humidity is too big, please install big blower and close the material outlet of blower and materiel will be come out form the bottom of outlet.

8) Please keep the machines working 3mins until all the material come out from machine after stop work

Safety check:

1) Work place is spacious, away from the fire, with Fire protection equipment

2) Please check the wire connection is reliable and whether leakage electricity phenomenon, as the same times installs reliable wire under land.

3) Please open machine cover check whether all of parts are loosen or crush chamber has foreign body.

4) Rotation main bearing by hand, it must be flexible, no block and no rub, no abnormal sound and the belt should not be too loose or too tight

5) Start work after the machine idle about 2-3 minutes and check the machine whether the parts are loose.  Everything is normal and operation again

6) The machine must be installed security shield when it is working.

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