Dairy Farm Projects Plan in Phase wise

KISSAN DAIRY MACHINERY Provide the End to End Solution for Dairy Setups. Selection and Purchasing of Animals, Shed layout and Design plan, Machinery and Equipment planning and installation, Dairy Farm Protocols setups and staff management, Feed and Fodder Management, Silage and Hydrophonic Fodder Production, Veterinary Health, veterinary doctors and labors setups, , construction of Shed, Milking Parlor, Storage, Calf Section and TMR Wagon, Bank Financial Report/Project Report for Dairy Farming. And also provide the awareness, education and training to dairy farmers.

Our solution will address all the problems in cattle rearing from cow procurement till post production process.  Since all the requirement of customers is met at single point acceptance level will be very high.


  1. Project Plan and Site Visit
  2. Project Reports and Bank Financial on basis of Herd Size Planning



  1. Green and Dry Fodder Production
  2. Hydroponics Fodder Production
  3. Silage and Hey Making


  1. a) Shed, Storage, calf section, Heifers, Treatment and Sick animals area and Processing construction and Fabrication work
  2. b) Milking machine and Milking parlors, machinery and Electric rooms
  3. c) Quarters


 Milking Machine and Milking Parlor

  • Milking Machine
  • Automatic Milking Parlor

Chilling Unit/Milk Storage

      1) Bulk Milk Cooler

 Cow Mat:

  • Hammer Top With Grooved Bottom

Chaff Cutter

  • Chaff Cutters

Dairy Farm Auxiliary Materials 

  • Calf Puller 180cm
  • Hoof Knife
  • Hoof Cutter
  • Dehorner
  • Milk Feeding Bottle
  • Calf feeding Bucket
  • Teat Dip Cup
  • Cattle wiener
  • Kick Stopper
  • Cow Magnet
  • Ear Tag
  • Tag Applicator/ Tagger
  • Manure Rubber Scrapper
  • CIP reagent (Acidic and Basic)
  • Dipping Solution
  • Mastitis Check Reagent
  • Milk Replacer
  • Cow Brush
  • Strip Cup
  • TMR
  • Semen Container
  • Mud pump
  • Milk Can
  • Pressure Pump
  • Dairy Fans
  • AI Gun
  • Brucellosis KIT (Brucella)
  • Foot and Mouth Disease KIT (FMD)


  • Purchasing of Cows/ Buffalo
    • Holstein Friesian
    • Jersey
    • Gir
    • Sahiwal
    • Murrah Buffalo
  • Cow Management

1) Feed Management (Composition of Feed)

2) Nutrition in Feed

3) Calf Management

4) Dehorning and Deworming

5) Breeding Protocols

6) Cow Health and Diseases Management

  • Milk Management

1) Milking Protocols

2) Dipping

3) Hygiene and Cleaning


Milk Processing and Products

1) Milk Packaging (Pouch and Bottles)

2) Milk Processing Unit 500 ltrs to 1 lack ltrs Capacity

3) Milk Products and Machinery

  1. Paneer
  2. Curd
  3. Butter
  4. Ghee
  5. Khoa


By-product Management

1) Cow Dung By-Products

2) Development of Biogas

3) Vermicomposting Production

4) Panchagavya  

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