Khoa Making Machine

Suppliers of Dairy Equipment- Khova/ Khoa / Khoya making machine, Mawa making machine, Paneer making machine, Milk boiling machine, roasting mixing machine. Steam Heated Khoa Machine, Gas Operated Khoa Machine, and Gas with Diesel Model Khoa Machine, Paneer Making Machine, used for Dairy & Food Industry for heating, mixing roasting purpose.

  1. Khoya making machine – 60 ltrs
  • Oil fired having single diesel/kerosene/gas burners
  • One S.S Tub (bottom of the tub is made of 15 mm. mild steel). 60 liter tub/Tank
  • Run by 1 h.p motor, heavy impellers, one could boil 50 liter (max.) milk at one time in half an hour.
  1. 2. Khoya making machine – 120 ltrs
  • Oil fired, having two burners of diesel/kerosene/gas burners
  • 120 liter tub volume, 15 mm. mild steel Bottom, heavy base, heavy body, run by 1 h.p motor, heavy impellers,.
  • Can boil 90 liter milk at one time.
  • This can make Khoa of 12 kg. In one batch in approx. 30 to 35 min.
  1. Khoya making machine – 180 ltrs
  • Oil fired, having three Diesel/Kerosene/gas burners,
  • 180 liter tub volume, 20 mm. mild steel bottom, heavy base, heavy body, run by 1.5 h.p worm gear motor, heavy impellers,
  • Can warm 150 liter milk at one time.
  • This can make Khoa of 25 kg. Milk (max.) in one batch in 40 to 45 minutes.

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