We are offer the Milk Processing Plants start from Mini Dairy Processing plants to Modern Dairy Processing Plant, we have setups range of 300 Ltrs/Hrs to 1 Lakh Ltrs/Hrs Capacity Processing Unit. Based on the details we are pleased to present our offer along with price schedule, technical specifications and terms and conditions. Trust our offer is in line with your requirements.

  • Whole milk, once approved for use, is pumped into storage silos where it undergoes pasteurization, homogenization, separation and further processing.


  1. Milk pasteurization Plant: – Capacity 300 LPH


The milk pasteurizer will be suitable for processing cow /buffalo milk 300 ltrs/hr having consistency of 9.5% SNF and fat up to 7.5%.


Operating parameter:-


Raw milk fed temperature                                        35 Deg.C. / 4 Deg.C.


Milk pasteurization temperature                               85 Deg.C.


Min. holding time for pasteurizer                               20 seconds.


Out let temperature of milk                                        4 deg .c.


Min.Regeneration efficiency                                         90%

Required service to be provided by you


  • Necessary electrical connection to the terminal of electric motors of 3 phases, 400/440 volts, 50Hz AC supply.


Float Balance Tank 120 L                                                


Flow Regulating Valve:-                                                 

One no.S.S. 2 ways flow regulating valve will be supplied by which the flow shall be manually adjusted.


Disk Filter:-                                                                            

One no. disk filter will be fabricated from S.S. sheet of 2mm thickness of AISI 304 quality.

Milk Feed Pump:- 

One no. cap – 300 LPH against 12 MWC the SS centrifugal pump will be suitable for pasturing 300 LPH/HR through plate heat exchanger. The pump will be coupled to 1 HP TEFC motor.

Milk Pasteurizer Cap – 300 LPH                                                                                                                                                       

The plate heat exchanger will be of sufficient capacity for processing the milk for continues production runs up to 3 hrs. The free standing supporting frame work will be fabricated from MS plates and will be cladded with SS sheet .The heat exchanger plates will pressed from SS sheet of AISI 304 quality. The plate pack will consists of following regeneration, heating, chilling section.



Structural Skid                                                               

Skid will fabricated out of 40 X 40 S.S. Square tube of AISI 202 on which Float Balance Tank , Disk Filter, Feed Pump , pasteurizer, holding tube ,control panel will mounted in compact  Layout.

Ice Bank Tank Cap

IBT with inner & outer with MS (GI Sheet) painted with epoxy paint consist of air cooled condensing unit with 1.5 T Compressor – 2 nos. IBT is based on R -22 refrigerants. IBT should run 12 hrs per day.

Wood fired/Diesel Boiler Cap

Capacity: 15000 kcal/hr.

Functional Requirement: will be used to generate the required hot water. The hot water will be circulating in the heating section of Plate Heat Exchanger. Design: manual hot water generating set. The hot water generating set working on wood. And will consist of the shell and tube assembly etc.

 Heat Output (Kcal/Hr) 15000.

 Maximum temperature (Deg. C) 95

 Maximum water flow rate (Ltr/hr) 1500.

 Fuel Wood

 Fuel consumption (Kg/Hr) # 8.97 kgs/hr.

 Hot water pump motor (HP) 1.0

 Total connected load (HP) 1.0

 Electricity supply 3PH, 420V, 50HZ


Capacity: 300 Ltr. /Hr.

Pressure: 170 Bar

Stage: Two

Motor: 5 Hp

Homogenizer will be of sanitary design. The homogenizer will be of rugged design suitably mounting on solid milk steel frame covered with SS cabinet enclosure made of AISI-304 grade sheets. Crankcase is made out of solid suitable to withstand the load.

Homogenizer chamber is made out of single piece forged AISI-316 block and tested with ultra sound and grounded to get the required finished. Crank shaft is made out of singe piece forged alloyed steel and tested with ultra sound and grounded to get the required tolerance.

Suction and discharge valves will be of poppet type and made of imported stellate material to withstand the impact due to continues opening and closing of valves.

Homogenizing valves are made of imported stellate material to withstand the abrasion and turbulence created because of high velocity of the product.

The high-pressure homogenizer will be of two-stage design suitable for operation pressure of 170 bars.

Pressure adjustment system shall be manual type. The homogenizer will be coupled through belt and pulley with a suitable 3 phase TEFC electrical motor make. The homogenizer will have belt and pulley for speed reduction. Imported diaphragm type pressure gauge shall be mounted on chamber. The homogenizer will be supplied with 304 adjustable bee feet.




  Inner Shell –                                    2 mm thickness        SS 304

  Inner conical dish end    2 mm thickness        SS 304

 Outer Shell                                     2 mm thickness         SS202

Outer conical dish ends        2 mm thickness    SS202

CONICAL LEGS                    2.5 mm thickness      SS202

Stiffening rings                  M.S channels

Insulation                             50+50 mm t thickness hk

Thermo Cole                            (16 Kg/cm3 density)


  • Agitator with 1/2 hp  geared motor ( 32 RPM )- reputed  make

Shaft 32 mm solid bar ss 304

  • Out let Plug Valve  dia 38 mm
  • No foam inlet with union
  • Sample cock.
  • Provision for Thermometer.
  • Air vent – dia76 mm.


Milk pouch packing machine 200 ml to 1000 ml capacity

01 Dosage 200 ml to 1000 ml
02 Output 1800 pouches/hr
03 Power required 230V single phase
04 Injection continues
05 Sealing Impulse
06 Controller SSR based
07 Weight of the machine Approx. 650 kgs
08 Size 650mm (W) x1100mm (D) x2200mm (H)
09 Thick of the film 50 to 80 micron
10 Width of the film 325mm
11 Gear Box 1 HP Crompton Greaves
12 Timer 2 Nos.
13 SSR 2 Nos.
14 Tank Capacity 30 Ltrs
15 Frame and Shutter SS202
16 Power consumption 1.75 KW/hr


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